Thinner Beauty

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Just the thought of getting a shopped picture inspired me a bit, so when I heard a family member was going to be digging up their lawn to plant a large garden, I went out and helped. This extra push feels a lot like a coach or drill sergeant, and is exactly what I need. Thank you very, very much. You’re doing fantastic work. :)Keith Kinsala
Thanks heaps for your help! I’ve already lost 35kg (but gained up to 10kg back) and I am starting to do it again!! To actually have a visual of how I could look would add so much more motivation and drive to my journey. Thank you!!!E. C. Radford
I just wanted to say thank you. Fat People Hate/fat shaming has helped me lose over 25lbs in the last 3 months. I realized that I was CHOOSING to be this way, and that I couldn’t expect the world to change to accommodate me. It really kicked my butt in gear and helped me to stop making excuses for my lack of self-control.Rosalie Kent